LuizenWeg Dimeticon 97% lotion

100% result when repeated after 9 days

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LuizenWeg Dimeticon 97% lotion

High percentage of Dimeticon lotion (97%), so less lotion is needed than with comparable products.

The highest percentage of active substance and yet competitively priced due to direct delivery.

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Defeat Head Lice Quickly and Safely with Dimeticon Lotion

Discover our Dimeticon lotion: a non-toxic solution against head lice, approved by the RIVM, effective without pesticides or resistance. One 100 ml bottle is sufficient for 2-3 treatments. Order before 10 pm for delivery tomorrow. Our customer service is happy to help with questions.

  • Guaranteed 100% effective

    Eliminate head lice and prevent re-infestation, without toxins or resistance.

  • Effective against lice and nymphs

    Effective even against the smallest, almost invisible lice.

  • Results in just 10 minutes

    Apply the lotion to the entire hair and scalp, wait only 10 minutes