About Luizenweg

Welcome to Luizenweg.nl

Hey there! Nice that you are here at Luizenweg.nl, where we know everything about head lice and how we can help you. Don't worry, we have a lot of smart people to turn to for advice.

Our mission

At Luizenweg.nl everything is about simplicity and speed. We understand that head lice can be annoying, especially for children and parents. That is why we have developed a special shampoo that really works against those ticklish creatures. Our shampoo is even recommended by the RIVM

  • Collaboration with Smart People: We work with experts who know everything about hair, skin and parasites. They help us to provide the best solutions for different hair types and scalp problems.
  • Our Great Shampoo: Our shampoo contains dimethicone, a substance that suffocates lice and nits without nasty chemicals.
  • Safe and Friendly: Our formula is safe and mild, without pesticides that irritate your scalp.

For everyone

At Luizenweg.nl we believe in inclusivity. Our shampoo is suitable for everyone, regardless of your hair type or age. So whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, our shampoo works for you. Even children from one year old can use it.

About us

At Luizenweg.nl we not only want to combat head lice, but also be a source of information and support for everyone who is affected by this. We are here to help you and ensure that you and your family can live life worry-free again.

In short, at Luizenweg.nl we make it simple, fast and safe to get rid of head lice. Join our mission and say goodbye to head lice!

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