Apply dimethicone lotion

Apply the dimethicone lotion to the hair, distributing it well so that everything feels smooth, especially close to the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash out with regular shampoo. If the hair still feels a bit slippery after the first wash, that's fine. This protective layer prevents lice from getting a grip on the hair, which can prevent re-infestation.

Combing after treatment is always advisable because gone is gone. The lice will have already been eliminated, but some of the nits may still hatch. The nymphs (young lice) are very small and difficult to comb away (they are also close to the scalp), which is why we recommend repeating the “light” treatment after 9 days. If nymphs have hatched in the meantime, they will in turn be eliminated by the lotion before they become adults and can in turn lay eggs.

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