Lice: Frequently asked questions

What are the signs that you have head lice?

Itching is the big traitor when it comes to head lice. These little bloodsuckers can cause irritating itching, especially around your ears and on your neck, due to their feeding habits that leave small wounds.

How do I spot head lice?

Search your hair for lice and their eggs, the so-called nits. Nits are similar to dandruff, but are more challenging to remove. They are proof that lice have chosen your head as their home base.

What is the most effective way to tackle head lice?

Use a special lice lotion for a direct attack. Don't forget to thoroughly clean your clothing, bedding, and personal items to prevent a comeback of lice.

How do I keep head lice at bay?

Prevention is better than cure: check for lice regularly, limit direct hair-to-hair contact and consider using preventative agents such as lice-repellent sprays.

Can head lice cause serious problems?

Although head lice are especially troublesome, scratching itchy areas can lead to skin infections. Good hygiene and timely treatment are essential to prevent worse.

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