Wat zijn de symptomen van hoofdluis bij volwassenen?

What are the symptoms of head lice in adults?

What are the symptoms of head lice in adults?

Head lice can occur in both children and adults. The symptoms of head lice in adults are similar to those in children. Here are the most common symptoms of head lice in adults:

Itching: Itching on the scalp is often the first and most common symptom of head lice. This is caused by the bites of the lice and the scalp's reaction to them. The itch can range from mild to intense and can lead to scratching.

Irritation and redness: Due to the bites and presence of lice, the scalp can become irritated and red. This can be a sign of head lice, especially if you notice other symptoms.

Feeling of movement: Some adults may experience a sensation of movement on their scalp. This is caused by the lice actively crawling around and feeding on blood.

Visible lice or nits: In a severe infestation, you may be able to see the adult lice or the nits (eggs). Lice are small insects about 2-4 mm long and have a brownish color. Nits are eggs often laid close to the hair roots and look like tiny white or transparent dots stuck to the hair.

It's important to note that not everyone with head lice always experiences itching. Some people may have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Therefore, it's important to regularly check the hair of yourself and your family members for signs of lice, especially if there are reported cases of head lice in the area. When in doubt, it's best to contact a general practitioner, pharmacist, or a professional in the field of head lice for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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