How do you get head lice?

How do you get head lice?

Head lice mainly occur in people who are in close contact with each other, such as in families, schools and shelters. They can easily spread from person to person through direct head-to-head contact, such as when sharing combs, brushes, headphones, or other objects that come into contact with the hair.
There is often an outbreak after school camp because the children are in close contact all day long. Taking selfies together also causes head lice transmission.

Head lice are also more common in people with long hair, because the lice can more easily hide in long hair and feed on blood. However, head lice affect people with all hair lengths and can spread to people with short hair or a bald head.

It is important to check for head lice regularly and to act quickly if they are spotted to prevent them from spreading further. It is also advisable to avoid sharing objects that come into contact with the hair, such as combs and brushes, to reduce the risk of contracting head lice.

The sooner treatment is started, the sooner the problem will be resolved. Also check and treat all parts of the family.

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