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LuizenWeg Dimethicone 97% lotion 100 ml with a free plastic comb

LuizenWeg Dimethicone 97% lotion 100 ml with a free plastic comb

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LuizenWeg Dimethicone lotion 100 ml

High percentage Dimethicone lotion (97%), so less lotion needed compared to similar products. The highest percentage of active ingredient and yet sharply priced due to direct delivery.

Dosage bottle with a free white plastic comb on which lice and nits are clearly visible.

Sufficient for 2 to 3 complete treatments, depending on the amount of hair.

When using Dimethicone lotion, lice and nits are quickly killed by paralyzing their moisture regulation, so combing is not necessary. For certainty, repeating the treatment shortly after 9 days is recommended because some eggs can survive and these hatch after 9 days but are not yet fertile themselves.

Dimethicone lotion is recommended as a non-toxic treatment method by the RIVM:

Order before 22:30 and receive it tomorrow.

There are also lotions with <5% dimethicone on the market because research has shown that 4% should theoretically be sufficient.*

Dimethicone is a harmless substance that you already know from conditioners, lip balm, even powdered soups. It is a completely safe silicone oil, which is why we provide the highest "dose".


  • Burgess IF, Brown CM, Lee PN. Treatment of head louse infestation with 4% dimeticone lotion: randomized controlled equivalence trial. BMJ 2005;330:1423-26.
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